Open Rehearsals

The first two rehearsals for every show are open so you can see if we’re a good fit for you.


We are currently programming our next season and have no rehearsals until September, where we will start preparing for our next show in December. Please check back in August for information on open rehearsal.


We've Got a Part for You! Audition for SVGMC!

Sensational Singing: The power of voices lifted in song to inspire a diverse community through musical excellence and collective pride.

Generous Hearts: Outreach and community service are a hallmark of out and proud gay men.

Deep Friendships: Forged by a love of music and a shared collective experience, fellowship of chorus brothers.

If you decide you want to join us, we will hold auditions after the second rehearsal.


Rehearsals are held Tuesday nights at 7 PM - 10 PM during the regular season (September - June), usually consisting of three concerts per season: Winter, Spring, & June (Pride month).  We meet at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Downtown San Jose (1100 Shasta Ave., San Jose, CA).




You do not need to prepare music for your audition but you might come ready to sing an excerpt from a favorite song. Our Artistic Director will guide you through some vocal exercises to determine your vocal range, and whether you can match pitch. No need to be nervous. The process is painless! We promise!

Do I have to be able to read music?

The ability to read music is not a requirement for membership in SVGMC, but it's definitely advantageous because the Chorus rehearses and memorizes music using written scores. On that basis, the Artistic Director will want to have you sight read some simple sheet music. Since some of our members learn their music by ear, we also provide MP3 rehearsal files. Every rehearsal begins with vocal exercises, not only to warm up your voice, but to develop proficiency and facilitate your voice blending with the chorus.